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Please see the video below on general and courses related FAQs on Professional Diploma in Image Consulting and Image consulting Partner Program.

Video on Image Consulting career and business related FAQs

Q) What is Image Consulting?

A) Image Consulting is the profession of guiding individuals and companies on managing their image to create positive first and lasting impressions.  It is an expertise in visual communication. To know about image consulting in detail please go through the video on image consulting and its market in India.

Q) How is image consulting different than personality development, grooming, fashion designing etc?

A) Image consulting is the combined expertise in individual elements of image which are clothing, fashion, glamour, grooming, body language and etiquette just like interior designing is a combined expertise in individual elements of interior like carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc.  Personality development, grooming and fashion are individual elements and most of the professionals engaged in these professions do not have thorough knowledge of other elements. Image Consulting is a complete science and art as all individual elements need to come together to create an image which is appropriate, authentic, attractive and affordable.

Q) What is the difference between professional diploma in Image consulting and the Image Consulting partner program?

A) In terms of the course they are exactly the same. However in the image consulting partner program there will be an additional business support package  provided wherein ICBI creates the business identity for you in terms of logo, stationary design, website etc. In addition you will also be provided with an interface on ICOST- Image Consulting Operating System and Tools which will help you in conducting your image consulting business. You will also be supported in your business through marketing and business support by ICBI. Image Consulting Partner program does not change the duration of the course as the training part is the same and the business support package starts simultaneously towards the end of the course.

Q) How long is each course?

A) Both Professional Diploma in Image Consulting  and the Image Consulting Partner Programs  are for 10 months with sessions once a week for full day. Depending upon the batch that you are in you will have one session each week on a particular day. So if you are in a Saturday batch you will have session every Saturday.

Q) What happens if I miss a session?

A) You will get several opportunities to make up for the missed session with another batch. Many topics covered in the course are unrelated to others and many  are related to each other. Depending upon the session that you have missed you can make up for the same in coordination with concerned person from ICBI office.

Q) What if I relocate to another city during the course?

A) ICBI has centres in most large cities. If you move to a city where ICBI is present then you can join a batch there. If you move to a city where ICBI is currently not present then you can either wait for it to start or you can perhaps look for a fast track batch in some other city nearby.

Q) Will there be tests and assignments in the course?

A) Yes. Most of the topics will have assignments which you will need to submit and they will be assessed.  There will also be two projects. In case of some of the topics like training, public speaking and presentation skills there will be live assessments in the class. You can get more details on the assignments and projects during personal meeting with the advisor at ICBI office.

Q) Are there any fast track batches available?

A) Yes and if you are interested in the same you can inform ICBI office about the same during the personal meeting and you will be informed as and when they are announced. However fast track batches will be available only for candidates who come with prior experience in related areas.

Q) When is the next batch starting?

A) Batches keep starting every month. During the personal meeting with the advisor you can come to know about the next batch starting depending upon your choice of weekend or weekday batch.

Q) What is the certificate that I get after the course?

A) After completing the course you will get a certificate from ICBI which will be co-branded with Conselle Institute of  Image Management from USA which is Judith’s company. After this certificate you will become a qualified image consultant. As and when you will be looking at starting your own independent business you can also get certified by IMPA-  Image Management Professionals’ Association with assistance from ICBI and then you will become a certified image consultant.

Q) What are the requirements for getting the certificate?

A) You will need to successfully complete all your assignments in order to get the ICBI certificate co-branded with Conselle Institute of Image Management. For details of IMPAS certification please visit the IMPA website www.imageprofessionalsassociation.org

Q) What is IMPA?

A) IMPA is Image Management Professionals’ Association, which is the trade body for the image management industry in the Indian Sub-Continent. Image Consulting industry is governed by the trade associations all over the world. For example, AICI- Association of Image Consultants International is predominantly a body in USA and FIPI- Federation of Image Professionals International is a body in UK. Similarly IMPA is the body for the Indian Sub-Continent. IMPA is the certifying body for image professionals in the region. Other than certifying image professionals IMPA also promotes the image management industry through various initiatives. Certification offered by IMPA is at 4 levels. For more details on these and IMPA you can visit www.imageprofessionalsassociation.org.

Q) Are there any eligibility criteria for the course?

A) Worldwide it is said that anyone with a strong desire to help people change their lives can become an Image Consultant. Although broadly there are no eligibility criteria, having an interest in image related topics is important. It also depends on your reasons for doing the course. If you are doing it for starting your own consulting practice or to enhance your existing job or business in a related area then there are no eligibility norms. If you are interested in doing the course to look for a job then a graduation might be required as many companies may not employ you without that.

Q) Who will be the faculty for the course?

A) Most of the faculty members will be practicing image consultants who have done their course from ICBI in the past. For certain topics which are not directly image related there will be industry experts and experienced trainers engaged.

Q) What is the course fee?

A) The fee for the Professional Diploma in Image Consulting is Rs. 190000 plus service tax and for the Image Consulting Partner Program it is Rs. 268000 plus service tax.

Q) What are the payment options for the courses?

A) There are three payment options for the courses. Onetime payment as well as  instalment options are there. During the personal meeting in ICBI office you can get details of investment plans.

Q) Are there any other hidden costs?

A) Not something that you need to pay to ICBI. You will however need to buy a makeup kit and ICBI will give you details of items needed by you. It is not essential but recommended that you buy it. For male students it will not be required. Also when and if you apply for certification from IMPA as explained earlier, IMPA will have a  certification fee just like any other certification body in the world. You can get details of the same from IMPA website.

Q) Can I upgrade to ICP program after completing the professional diploma in image consulting?

A) Yes. Anytime during the course or after completion you can upgrade to the ICP program by paying the fee for the business support package.

 Q) What are the job options after the course?

A) If you are interested in doing this course to look for job opportunities then there are multiple options for you. Broadly any company which deals with premium customers needs people with skills that you will have after doing a course in Image Consulting. Specifically, premium fashion, luxury lifestyle and training and development departments in companies are great options.

Q) Will ICBI help me in getting a job?

A) While getting a job anywhere after any course depends on the candidate’s performance during and after the course, ICBI will help in creating job opportunities for its students. ICBI will forge alliances with premium brands who will give an opportunities to ICBI students to appear for job interviews as and when they have a requirement. Many companies will also conduct campus interviews as well.

Q) What services will I offer as an Image Consultant?

A) If you start your independent image consulting business you will offer one on one consulting and corporate training solutions in image management. For more details on these options please see the video on career, business options and benefits of image consulting career.

Q) How much will I charge for these services?

A) As an Image Consultant you will charge anywhere between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 30000 for a one on one consulting package depending upon the clinics used.

For corporate training it is usually charged either on a per day basis or on per participant basis. The average fee will range between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000 for each day of training.

Of course this will depend upon your experience and as you gain more of it you can charge higher also.

Towards the end of the course you will also be given pricing guidelines by ICBI

 Q) How will ICBI help me with generating business?

A) If you are in Image Consulting Partner  program or have taken the business support package after your professional diploma in image consulting course, ICBI gives you marketing support. You will be part of ICBI website and people visiting the same as a result of massive advertising and marketing campaigns, they will be able to connect with you. ICBI also receives business leads for one on one consulting and corporate training services which will be passed on to you. From time to time ICBI also promotes individual consultants through advertising and marketing campaigns.

Q) What is the scope of image consulting in India?

A) Image Consulting is the next big industry in India. With competition increasing every passing day, everyone realizes that creating positive first and lasting impressions is the key to success in personal, professional and social lives. Many of the individual elements on image like fashion, beauty, and self developmental training are already businesses worth thousands of corers in India. And historically it is always proven that whenever a new format, a higher positioning and technically better profession comes into being the business volumes shift from existing businesses. For example, till a few years back skin treatment used to be offered by beauty parlours and then came cosmetologists and today the skin treatment business is almost wiped out from beauty parlours. Similarly people have been having problems of falling hair for ages and they used to go to homeopathy and ayurvedic doctors. Then came trichology and rest is history. Specialized hair clinics have taken over the business. The point is that the market is huge for image consulting in India.

Q) Who are the potential clients for an image consultant?

A) Although everyone needs to manage their image in order to be successful, there are particular segments which are of high and immediate potential.

  • High net worth individuals
  • Celebrities and their wives
  • Socialites
  • Housewives
  • College and University Students looking for success at their first interviews
  • Professionals in different domains – Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Advisors and more
  • People in the Public Eye – like Politicians, Corporate Communications Professionals
  • Service industries like Retail, Hospitality, Airlines, Healthcare
  • HR, Recruitment, Training Companies
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Corporate professionals at different stages of their career
  • Corporations looking towards creating a corporate identity that enhances their corporate image and work ethic.

India has millions of high net worth individuals and they always look for ways and means to become more impressive and effective and image consulting is just the solution for them. It is not too far in the future that just like thousands of people engage personal trainers in gyms they will also engage image consultants to manage their image. The price that they pay is hardly anything much for them however the dangers of not being able to manage their image are too high and many.

Companies have understood the importance of visual communication long back and a lot of research, time, money and efforts go into making their products look good and they also realize the importance of teaching image management to their employees.

Q) How do I get clients if I start my own image consulting business?

A) If you have an intent to start your own image consulting business and if you enrol in the professional diploma in image consulting, it means that you already have the network to get the word around in order to get clients. If you are in the Image Consulting Partner Program then ICBI will also help you generate business. In either case it needs to be understood that image consulting is a pull business and not a push business. What that means is that it is usually not possible to go to someone and convince them to engage an image consultant. It is need based and with greater awareness with each passing day as a result of massive advertising and marketing campaigns by ICBI the need is being felt increasingly. Image Consulting is a word of mouth business and all you need to do is to get a few clients and if you do a good job with them the clients will keep coming all your life.

During the course you will be guided on how to go about marketing yourself and if you implement the learning diligently , you will do business. Although it is also important to understand that this is a profession and just like any other professional  like a doctor, a lawyer or a chartered accountant to name a new, you need to have long term goals.

Q) How many image consultant can find business in a country like India?

A) India has a huge population who are forward looking, realize the importance of visual communication and can easily afford to hire an image consultant. Let’s take a view from the point of view of fashion, beauty, self developmental training and even interior design. There are thousands and possibly even more of practitioners in each such area and all the good ones find work. It is plausible thought that each house and each office that gets interiors designed have several people in it who need image consulting. They can easily afford it too. And these are people who appreciate aesthetics which the main stay of interior design. Think about it- there are thousands and possibly more of interior designers in India who find work each year.

In summary, the image consulting business has huge potential and a country like India will probably need thousand of consultants in the next few years.

Q) If ICBI gets a business lead, how does it decide which consultant to pass on that lead to?

A) ICBI keeps getting business leads on a regular basis and it first assesses the requirement and the profile of the client and then matches it with a consultant who in its opinion will be able to do best justice with that lead. In case of more than one consultant fitting the job, it passes on the lead on a rotation basis.

Q) Do I have to share any revenue with ICBI for the business that I do?

A) ICBI is not in the business of providing image consulting services to end clients. Whatever business that you do it is completely yours. However in cases where ICBI closes a business deal and just engages you to execute it, ICBI retains a small percentage of the revenue to cover administrative costs. But you must understand that it is only in the case of ICBI completely closing the deal and not in the cases of ICBI passing on a business lead to you. Let me explain more clearly. Supposing ICBI gets an enquiry from a client who either wants a one on one consulting or corporate training solution and this lead is passed on to and you close the deal and execute the work, ICBI has no share in it. However at times very large companies prefer to sign a contract with ICBI as to execute the work as per the training need several consultants and at times in multiple cities need to get involved then ICBI will engage you and pay you the money received from the company after deducting a small percentage to take care of the administrative costs.

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