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FAQs about Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training

Following are some of the frequently asked questions about Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training. Click on any question to see the answer and click again on the question to close the answer box.

Is Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training a new profession?

No profession is ever new. It is the format which is new. The core work of Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers is to guide and coach people to become better in order to achieve greater success. In earlier times this role was undertaken by parents, teachers and other well wishers. There was hardly any competition and little help from these people was enough. In fact in every successful person’s life there has been someone who guided him/her on presenting themselves better and relating to others in more effective manner. There have been movies like ‘My Fair Lady’ in UK and ‘Chhoti si Baat’ in India as much as 50 years back wherein actors played the role of an Image Consultant to guide someone else to become more successful. They were not called Image Consultants at that time just like mothers and teachers were not called Image Consultants. With increasing competition leading to survival of the fittest, the profession became highly sought after and paid one in the last decade. Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training is not a new profession but it is New Age profession.

Who can become an Image Consultant and/or Soft Skills Trainer?

This answer may surprise you but the fact is that anyone with a desire to help people change their lives can become an Image Consultant/Soft Skills Trainer with right education and handholding. It must be understood that when it comes to guiding someone to become more successful, it is a relative skills. What this means is that the consultant needs to be better in terms of exposure and skills as compared to the person he/she is guiding. For everyone there is a market. So the key is to identify right market for you. ICBI has several consultants who might be at level 8 or 9 on scale of 1 to 10 and many who might be at level 2 or 3. It does not matter. What matters is that depending upon the level you are at; you need to understand that your client segment is the one which is below that level in terms of their exposure and skills. ICBI helps consultants and trainers identify their level and client segment during and after the course. Remember that no matter what your age, background and experience there is a client segment for you.

What is the difference between Image Consulting and Fashion Design?

Fashion Design is all about designing garments. When a fashion designer designs garments a particular customer is not in the mind. The focus is on the garment. Image Consultants have far more knowledge about clothing with reference to a particular client. They advice clients on managing their appearance based on roles, goals, occasions, personal style, and personal characteristics of body shape, face shape, personal colours and affordability. In fact at times Image Consultants hire Fashion Designers to create clothes for their clients. Image Consultants also guide and train clients on grooming, body language, etiquette and soft skills. Fashion is one element of Image Consulting just like carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc is one element of Interior Design.


What is the difference between Image Consulting and Grooming?

Grooming is about makeup and personal hygiene. This is just one element of appearance. Image Consultants are professionals who have in depth knowledge of clothing, grooming, body language, etiquette and soft skills. Every Image Consultant is also a grooming professional with additional knowledge of countering and repeating techniques as per face shape. Grooming is one element of Image Consulting just like carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc is one element of Interior Design.

What is the difference between Image Consulting and Personality Development?

Personality Development is a widely misused term in India. Usually these sessions are basically motivational lectures. Some of them go little deeper and talk about attitude. Image Consulting is about guiding and training clients on the complete success framework of managing appearance to create powerful first impressions to get more opportunities in life and instilling soft skills to perform better when these opportunities present themselves. Personality Development is one element of Image Management just like carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc is one element of Interior Design.

When is the right time to join the profession?

The right time to join any profession is when you decide to join it. Many people procrastinate and keep delaying their decisions. Remember that each day of delay can cost dearly in the long run. In any profession seniority matters and all that a delayed decision accomplishes is to allow many others gain seniority over you for the rest of your life.

Are people aware of this industry and is there a need?

India has the largest young population in the world and it will keep increasing by the day. This has resulted in competition getting fiercer with each passing day. It is about the survival of the fittest. Just like in the health care industry wherein sooner or later everyone will fall sick and will need medical treatment, everyone needs Image Management and Soft Skills in their lives. It is the biggest need of the hour. In any profession or industry the realization of need is a relative term. India has a huge population and even a small percent of people feeling the need creates work for thousands of Image Consultants and Soft skill Trainers. The market keeps growing and in India, training and development is one of the biggest businesses for next three decades. Also understand that the industry is about guiding people for greater success and everyone desires that.