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Image Management is the nascent need of every individual and company. In times to come, people who do not manage their image to create a powerful first impression will get left behind. People judge others on the basis of very limited information and therefore it is essential to create the right impression as success in personal, professional and social life depends upon it. Image Consultants trained by the institute offer the following services.

One on one coaching– An elaborate process to guide and mentor individuals on managing their image by taking them through various clinics like lifestyle evaluation, face and body shape evaluation, wardrobe evaluation, body language and etiquette, clothes cluster planning, smart shopping, makeup clinic etc.

Two day workshop– A two day intensive workshop for 10 to 12 participants to take them through the entire process with complete image evaluation record at the end.

Corporate Solutions– Employee training and corporate image retainer

Retail garment stores- Sales staff training on guiding buyers on what to buy.

Some of our pioneer consultants are now ready and have started their image consulting business. Their details are mentioned below.

Parul Shukla- Mumbai- www.image4uconsulting.com

Shivani Naik- Mumbai- www.createnimpression.com

Nidhi Khare- Mumbai- www.bonimpressions.com

Bijal Mamniya – Mumbai- www.panacheimageconsultant.com

Another 50 consultants all over India will start their image consulting business in the next few months.

If you wish to start your own image consulting business register now to attend a free presentation.

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