Bindu Mukherjee is the chief Image Consultant and Director of Bindu Mukherjee Image Consultancy. She is a certified Image Consultant from the Image Consulting Business Institute. The program is structured by Judith Rasband, the first Certified Image Master in the world.

After graduating from the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, she was placed from campus into the Welcomgroup Management Training program affiliated to I.H.A France. On successful completion Bindu was placed as Deputy House Keeper at WG Chola Sheraton, Chennai. In 1992, Bindu was part of the first batch of International Cabin crew based out of Chennai for British Airways Plc. and has received formal training from them in London, U.K. Bindu is a recipient of the Cabin Crew award for her outstanding customer in-flight services. She worked with them for over 14 years and her job has taken her to different continents and provided her with a perspective into Global culture and fashion sensibilities. Image Consulting has been a natural progression for her from her previous roles in the Hospitality and Aviation industry.

Bindu is a certified Cosmetologist, with a Post Graduation Degree in Skin, Hair and Advanced Make-up. She is a wellness expert and certified SPA specialist (Western & Eastern). Bindu has a degree in alternative medicine (B.A.S.M)

Bindu helps Corporates and Individuals on managing their Image to create a powerful first impression by combining her experience and expertise of Image Management, Cosmetology, Wellness and her work experience from the past. Bindu possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skill and loves to meet people and work with them. She is happy to be in a career which is her passion and Bindu looks forward to continue to make a difference to her clients and herself.

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