Parul Shukla – Image 4U Consulting

Parul Shukla, Director and founder of Image 4 U Consulting is a certified Image Consultant. She holds a BSc degree in Business Administration from Cardiff Business School and an MSc in International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management from the London School of Economics. Parul has worked in HR, Marketing and Wealth Management in London and Mumbai with companies such as Merrill Lynch, UBS, Standard Chartered, H.D.F.C Bank and Hutchinson Max Telecom.

Combining her experience and concepts of Image Management and through her excellent interpersonal and communication skills she helps individuals and organisations create a positive first impression.

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  1. I would like to understand what Image Consulting has to offer for a working woman – it may include grooming; what else will it include?
    Also do you conduct Corporate Workshops on grooming for women at work? What does your Corporate training include?

    • Hi Nidhi- thank you for your enquiry. It will involve a lot more than grooming. Do send us your contact details on so that we can speak to you in more detail.

      Best regards,
      Image 4 U Consulting

  2. hi

    This is deepa from Bangalore i am looking for a job i just wanted to know how my CV has to look or to be presented

    I also wanted to know whether i should change my self or in my English ascent.

    please help me out i need ur advise

    thank you

  3. interested in availing your sevices. pls. get back.

    • Hi Sujesh- thank you for your enquiry. Do send us your contact details on so that we can speak to you in more detail.

      Best regards,
      Image 4 U Consulting

  4. Hi,

    I am Mohita Khamar from Hyderabad, i was thinking of learning ADIM course of ICB. I want your help in guding me toward the procpects of this course and will this help me grow in my professional life.

    I am bit confuse to get into the course, one because its a new course and second also the course fees is a good investment .

    I have attended Mr. Agrawal’s session in Hyderabad but still wanted to know an opinion from an existing consultant.

    Thanking You,

  5. Hello Parul,

    I am durgesh Kulkarni. I would like to know about your services.

    Please do contact me ASAP.

  6. I am completely gonna change my field from Finance to Image Consultancy. Please advise which course will be best suitable and if there are 2-3 days workshop which I can attend


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