An Image Consultant, having trained with the pioneers of the Image Industry in India, Shohini Ghosh is also a TV artist having featured as the protagonist in over 120 national and regional TV commercials since 2005. Her involvement with the TV industry has greatly enhanced her knowledge of make-up, grooming and styling – all integral parts of one’s image.

A student of Economics, Shohini started her career in the banking industry and spent her initial working years in India and abroad, in corporate environments very far removed from her present work space. She has therefore, over time gained tremendous insight into standards and practices of different professional atmospheres and of people of different ethnicities. This has given her an explicit understanding of the varying needs of image management in people from different walks of life.

Shohini’s business is about teaching people how to portray an appropriate image that befits their lifestyles, roles and goals, without compromising on each person’s distinctiveness.

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