LIFE – Lasting Impressions thro’ Flawless Expressions, aims at building capabilities in people through Image Management Techniques that control the perception of others and the outcome in various social and business situations and equations. LIFE envisions emerging as a trusted ONE STOP SOLUTION providing comprehensive expertise in the field of Image Management and its MISSION is to facilitate reorientation of people for happier life – LOOK BETTER – FEEL BETTER – DO BETTER!!

Jyothi K, from whose creative thought and passionate pursuit, LIFE has come into being, is its founder. After graduation with distinction from Chennai university, she took up banking career and served in supervisory and managerial positions for over two decades. During this period she met and managed people from different strata and in the process, gained a fairly good understanding of the ways in which people respond and react to situations in life and the reasons that contribute to the success of some and disheartening performance by others. It became clear that in a good number of cases the performance of the people was marred, not so much by the lack of potentialities per se in them, but due to the fact that their existing potentialities were smothered by issues directly or indirectly connected to their Image Management abilities.

Today the competitive environment encompassing every conceivable sphere of activity, be it social, professional or business context demands sound Image Management Skills in people, whose presentation capablites are critical either as individuals/ professionals for themselves or as representatives of their organisation.

To inculcate such expertise in managing the IMAGE and to reinforce people’s presentation capabilities,self confidence and identity, Jyothi chose Image Management Consulting as the most appropriate channel.

Jyothi is qualified as an Image Consultant from the Image Consulting Business Institute, India and is trained under the Curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA, prescribed by Judith Rashand, a Certified Image Master in the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Combining this knowledge with her people skills, communication skills & her training in Personal Counselling (under the Robert Carkhuff Model), Jyothi aims to provide comprehensive Image Management Solutions to the clients.

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