Samta Gala is the founder and director of Prima Facie Image Consulting. She has undergone her training at the Image Consulting Business Institute under the extensive curriculum designed by Judith Rasband, the world’s first Certified Image Master. Samta is now a highly capable and certified Image Consultant.
That apart, she has studied Textile Designing and Fashion Designing from reputed institutes winning numerous plaudits and accolades along the way. Her work has often been featured in the city’s leading newspapers.

This academic background have given Samta a tremendous insight into making wardrobe and image modifications to be able to come across as self confident and assured. Further, Samta has honed her business and strategic acumen to a superlative degree with a PGDBA.

Samta is passionate about helping individuals and corporate workers cultivate, present and project an image that will help them make a dynamic first impression and achieve monumental gains. She understands that a person’s ‘image’ is an intertwining of two things. The first is the person’s external appearance and how the world perceives him/her based on that. The second is equally important and comes from within. It is one’s own perception of oneself and is often the most crucial factor in deciding how one deals with and reacts to the daily conundrums of life. Samta thus works towards helping you become the charismatic and masterful person you can be. Join her and discover the person hidden within. Be the change.

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