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Greeshma Thampi – Avancé Image Management

Greeshma Thampi is Chief Image Consultant and Director at Avancé Image Management.

Greeshma is a Certified Image Consultant and has undergone meticulous and rigorous training at the Image Consulting Business Institute, Mumbai. She has been trained under the curriculum of Image Specialist Judith Rasband (CEO & Director Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA), who is amongst the prestigious 8 Certified Image Masters in the world.

Greeshma’s key areas of expertise include communication skills, people skills and coaching abilities. Academically, Greeshma holds a Bachelors Degree in Management which she followed by a Masters Degree in Management from a premier business school in Mumbai. She has over three years of managerial level experience in Human Resource Management across areas like recruitment and hiring practices, training and development, employee engagement, employee counselling and grievance handling.

In her interactions with people from varied backgrounds she realised that a lot of people were unaware on how to present themselves authentically and appropriately. Be it the case of a top notch CEO of a large business conglomerate, an aspiring actor, a job seeker, a housewife, a doctor, a bride to be, a politician or a college student – Image Management was the need of the hour.

Greeshma felt she could contribute towards this need gap. Combining her management education, professional experience and people skills, she hopes to encourage people to reach their potential through Image Management.

Greeshma is trained in various styles of dance like Bharatnatyam, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Contemporary and Belly Dance. She is also Founder and Principal Instructor at Twists-n-Turns Dance Academy.

Read more about Greeshma’s consulting business at: www.avance-imagemanagement.com


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  1. geeta /

    hello Greeshma,

    I had a talk with you personally and u said we should have passion and u stressed the word passion many a time …even though i feel i have passion but still my mind is elsewhere when i am going through the manual i am provided…i am not able to concentrate…every time i take the book in my only to put it down again saying next time i will concentrate more properly. please help me …i feel i am still not focussed. please keep this confidential.

    thanks and regards

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